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  Medusa Stop (Jellyfish Stop)  
   Okeanis, with respect and sensitivity for the marine environment, the marine life and with major principle the safety of swimmers, has designed a new aquatic system, the Medusa-Stop (Jellyfish-Stop). It consists of net which is adapted to the type Okean-FloatNet floating system that our company manufactures. Thus, it ensures the most effective and economic solution to the innumerable jelly-fish appearance that nails the swimmers far from the coast.

   The Okean-FloatNet has been developed in order to offer solution to a difficult technical part of permanent floating boom’s deployment in shallow and rough water conditions. Is considered as the ideal solution for debris and jellyfish protection as it is very durable and very easy to be deployed. The extremely high durability, the floatation stability and the high manufacture quality can be confirmed by the real testing of the system in the marine environment.
  Technical Data  
  Technical Field  
  Meduda-Stop Meduda-Stop 20-40/200
Total height >3.35m 5.35m
Freeboard 0.35m 0.35m
Draught >3.0m 5.0m
Weight Depends on total height 9,8 kg/m
Tensile strength (ropes only) 16 tn 16 tn
Lengths 30m 30m
Colors Orange & White Orange & White
Construction Part |  Technical Characteristics
Upper construction part Debris boom type Okean-FloatNet Height 0.40m
Mesh 10-20m
Thread composition Polyamide (PA) or UHMWPE
Floating and supporting bars Installed every 1m- double HDPE buoys
Lower construction part Net Height >=2.00m
Mesh 10mm-20mm
Ballast Upper Ballast Connection with Debris-boom type Okean-FloatNet
Lower Ballast Warm galvanized chain into double PVC coat
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